Series 256
Low Level SMD-LED
Low Current Version 



  • package: 1206
  • size: 3.2mm x 1.6mm x 0.9mm
  • 2mA Low Current Version
  • view angle: 140°
  • lower height
  • technology: GaP, AlInGaP and GaAlAs
  • (un)colored, (un)diffused encapsulation available
  • soldering pads: gold plated
  • suitable for all SMT assembly methods

Full-fill the requirements of RoHS, WEE and REACH

Series 256

Available Colors

Part No.

Wavelength @2mA


Brightness @2mA


OLS-256 SR λp 655nm red typ. 2.0mcd
OLS-256 UR λp 650nm red typ. 3.5mcd
OLS-256 HR λd 632nm red typ. 8mcd
OLS-256 HSD λd 625nm tsn red typ. 12mcd
OLS-256 HD λd 615nm orange
typ. 15mcd
OLS-256 SUD λd 605nm orange
typ. 13mcd
OLS-256 HY λd 590nm yellow typ. 15mcd
OLS-256 HYG λd 572nm greenish yellow
typ. 5mcd

Part No.

Wavelength @20mA


Brightness @20mA


OLS-256 R λp 700nm red typ. 0.4mcd
OLS-256 SD λd 625nm red typ. 0.6mcd
OLS-256 Y λd 590nm yellow typ. 0.6mcd
OLS-256 G λd 572nm greenish yellow typ. 1.2mcd


  • 3,000 pcs / reel in 8mm tape, Reel-size 180mm (Standard)
  • 12,000 pcs / reel in 8mm tape, Reel-size 330mm
  • Position in Tape: Tape-up or Tape-down


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