Round watercooled LED‑System

Water-cooled Light Emitting System OLM-046

The OLM-046 is a water-cooled hexagonal-shaped LED radiant source including a built-in controller unit and a power supply. This system contains 144 LED chips on board with a wavelength in the range 265-1050nm arranged under an array of parabolic reflectors that deliver the light at a narrow angle. For UVB/UVC LED Chips we offer the possibility to reduce the amount of chips down to 72 to match the costs. This system can be controlled directly from the radiant-unit or via a PC-program.



  • Light emitting circle with a diameter of 100 mm
  • A unique aluminum parabolic array of reflectors emitting the light at an angle of about 20°
  • New anti-reflection coating on the front window with a transmission value of about 97%
  • Innovative Heat sink with water channels that allowing operation at power losses up to 400W
  • Integrated electronic control that enables on/off switching directly from the radiator unit and automatic shutdown in case of overheating
  • PC program for external control of the system with a power level slider bar, temperature display, and last setting saving option
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Round watercooled LED‑System - OLM-046
Type Number of
Typical peak
Optical power
Max current per
Max current
Forward Voltage
Data sheet
OLM-046A-c-265 144 265 0.045 0.35 6.3 48
OLM-046A-c-280 144 280 0.06 0.5 9.0 46
OLM-046A-c-310 144 310 0.07 0.5 9.0 44

1) Other wavelength in the range 265-1650 nm can be supplied upon request
2) Measured on the emitting window