Custom-designed LED‑System

Custom-designed LED Module System

Over the last years OSA Opto Light has built many custom-designed LED modules of various sizes and shapes with single or multiple number of wavelengths. If you didn’t find yet the LED module suitable for your application please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Custom-designed LED‑System - Examples:
Type Wavelength
Cooling Application  
Triple-Star-PCB 255-1720 passive Engineering PCB for 3 seperate LEDs
OLM-111 4 x IR & Temperature Sensor passive Biological analysis
OLM-110 600-1100 passive Biological analysis
OLM-056 265 passive Surface disinfection
OLM-053 265 water Surface disinfection
OLM-047 280, 310, 365, 410, 480, white passive Florescence spectroscopy
OLM-041 300, 390 water Curing of ink for fast printing
OLM-032 310, 450, 650 passive Plant growth support