Extending portfolio for IR-LEDs to 1140nm

Extending portfolio for IR-LEDs to 1140nm

OSA has extended its IR-LED portfolio to a new limit of 1140nm. Based on our broad-based packages we are able to supply tailored solutions for wide spectrum of applications where LEDs beyond 1000nm plays a crucial role.


Together with OSA Opto Lights high power series like OCx-440, OCx-480 and OCx-490 the new wavelength 1140nm provides a valuable source for sufficient light and reliable performance for almost every high power applications with up to 1A per LED.


Process control systems and quality inspections as in medical or industrial applications benefit from the new peak wavelength and the high output power. Better SNR and more robust measurements can be easily achieved.


The 1140nm wavelength is now available as low, mid and high power SMD-LED and as a chip for chip on board confection.

The LEDs can be measured under custom specific conditions.

Data sheets and further information for our SMD-LEDs are available under our SMD-LED-Products, e.g. our High-Power-Series:


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