New high power near infrared 1040nm LEDs

New high power near infrared 1040nm LEDs

OSA Opto light GmbH introduces the next generation of IR-Chips in the range 1000 – 1100 nm. The OCI-440 ID1040 sets new standards for IR-Emitters in this wavelength range, an external quantum efficiency of about 25% is achieved. Thus, both optical power and radiant intensity are increased by factor 4 compared to the previous OCI-440 1020-X-T devices.

This device is ideal for applications like sun simulators and sensor applications with a critical signal noise ratio. A degradation below 5% after 5000h life time (remaining intensity 95%) shows an excellent reliability and stability for long term applications. This chip technology will be available in our lensed package series OCI-490 with 20° and 15° viewing angle as well as in our high current package OCI-480 in the second quarter 2020.

Furthermore, we can provide for testing purposes, which is well known for the series 440, our test board services and secondary optics on request.

This high power devices supplement our standard packages OIS-330 IT1040-X-TU and OIS-150 IT 1040-X-T with similar excellent quantum efficiencies.

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