Fast lane for your development

Fast lane for your development

Developing a High power SMD-LED application can be costly and time consuming. To accelerate this process, we developed
our OEM-080 single channel LED source. It combines a lot of useful options for the researcher or product designer including:

  • Maximum DC current, depending on type, between 350 mA and 1 A
  • Manual potentiometer to control the current
  • Triger channel for PWM dimming or to connect a safety switch (instant power off)
  • Forward voltage of the LED 0,5 … 21 V, several LED can be connected to a single chain

As a supplier of a wide spectrum of high power SMD- LEDs we offer pre mounted LEDs on star for UVA (e.g. 400, 380 and 365 nm),
UVB (325, 310 nm) and UVC (280, 270 nm ) applications.
And finally, after finishing your tests, the driver unit can wait at a corner of your desk for your next project.

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