2nd International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications – ICULTA 2020

2nd International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications – ICULTA 2020

Our company coorperates for more than 10 years with German research institutes. Within the frameworks "Berlin Wide Base", which is finished already, and "Advanced UV for Life" we are involved with the development of UV-C LEDs and Modules for numerous applications in different fields.
Therefore we would like to inform you about the upcoming event ICULTA 2020.

Call for Abstracts

Once more, it will bring together pioneers, leaders, and experts from science and industry to discuss latest progress and innovations in the development of UV LEDs and their broad spectrum of applications. The conference is jointly organized by the German consortium Advanced UV for Life and the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA).
UV LEDs produce narrow-band radiation and can be tuned to cover almost the entire ultraviolet spectral range. Their performance characteristics strongly depend on their emission wavelength: the shorter it is the higher are the scientific and technical requirements for material development and LED device technology. Applications of the compact sized, eco-friendly, and flexible light sources range from disinfection of water, air, and surfaces to medical diagnostics, plant growth lighting, and curing of various materials.
ICULTA 2020 offers an international platform for experts in UV LED technology and applications, inviting them to be part of the conference as speaker, attendee, exhibitor, and/or sponsor.

Submission deadline for oral and poster presentation abstracts: November 30, 2019

Conference topics include:

UV LED Technology   UV LED Applications  
» Epitaxy   » Disinfection » Medical Applications
» Chip Technology   » Water Treatment » Curing
» Packaging   » Sensing & Analytics » 3D Printing
» LED Modules & Luminaires   » Life Sciences » New Applications
    » Horticulture » Regulations & Standardization

Visit the conference website www.ICULTA.com for further information.

Advanced UV for Life is a consortium of 49 German industrial and academic partners working together in the development and application of UV LEDs. The consortium originates from a research program funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. >>> www.advanced-uv.de

The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) is an international organization of UV industry, educators, consultants, utilities, and research professionals, with a mission to make the use of ultraviolet light a leading technology for public health and environmental application. >>> www.iuva.org


Antje Mertsch
‘Advanced UV for Life’
c/o Ferdinand-Braun-Institut
Berlin, Germany
Email antje.mertsch@fbh-berlin.de
Mickey Fortune
Chevy Chase, MD, USA
Email mfortune@iuva.org

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