Die Verfahren der hyperspektralen Bildaufnahme haben in den letzten Jahren zunehmendes Interesse für verschiedenste Anwendungen, gefunden. Im Folgenden werden drei mögliche Strahlungsquellen für eine breitbandige Beleuchtung verglichen und deren Eigenschaften in der Anwendung diskutiert.

Developing a High power SMD-LED application can be costly and time consuming. To accelerate this process, we developed our OEM-080 single channel LED source.

The massive progress in LED technology enabled OSA Opto Light the development of broadband emitters based on short wavelength LED in combination with phosphors.

OSA Opto Light has just finished developing the easy-to-use LED system OLM-059 for disinfection of surfaces. This system operates at 265 nm, which is the optimal wavelength for DNA and RNA inactivation,...

OSA Opto Light has completed a first design of an easy-to-use rod-shaped LED lamp for disinfection of surfaces.

By using the next generation of IR-Chips, OSA Opto Light achieved to increase the radiant intensity in the OCL-440 series by factor 4 compared to the previous devices in the range of 1000-1100 nm.

Our R&D team was working on high-power UV reflecting optics within the framework of "Advanced UV For Life" and achieved outstanding long-term stability over 5000 hours of high-power irradiation.

The OSA Opto Light announces a considerably improvement of the near infrared 1206 SMD LED portfolio. Thanks to new developments, the radiant intensity increased by more than factor 3 compared to the previous devices in this range.

As part of the activities in the field of water disinfection OSA Opto Light had developed a high performance UVC- LED radiation source, emitting 4 W optical power at an emission wavelength between 275 and
280 nm.

The LED-system OLM-034-265 expands the OSA Opto Light product portfolio in the UV-C region with up to 36 LED at 265 nm.

OSA recently introduced a new IR wavelength above 1000nm for sensing applications in medical, automotive and industrial solutions.

Available as LED-Chip and in our broad-based SMD-LED packages.

We continue our development to expand the wavelength range of our products with the introduction of the Power-LED  emitting 980nm, 1020nm and 1050nm Peak-Wavelength. These high reliable, 1mm thin devices are the most powerful LED source for this wavelength in the market. Our test board services and secondary optics are available.