OSA Opto Light has just finished developing the easy-to-use LED system OLM-059 for disinfection of surfaces. This system operates at 265 nm, which is the optimal wavelength for DNA and RNA inactivation,...

OSA Opto Light has completed a first design of an easy-to-use rod-shaped LED lamp for disinfection of surfaces.

By using the next generation of IR-Chips, OSA Opto Light achieved to increase the radiant intensity in the OCL-440 series by factor 4 compared to the previous devices in the range of 1000-1100 nm.

Our R&D team was working on high-power UV reflecting optics within the framework of "Advanced UV For Life" and achieved outstanding long-term stability over 5000 hours of high-power irradiation.

The OSA Opto Light announces a considerably improvement of the near infrared 1206 SMD LED portfolio. Thanks to new developments, the radiant intensity increased by more than factor 3 compared to the previous devices in this range.

As part of the activities in the field of water disinfection OSA Opto Light had developed a high performance UVC- LED radiation source, emitting 4 W optical power at an emission wavelength between 275 and
280 nm.

The LED-system OLM-034-265 expands the OSA Opto Light product portfolio in the UV-C region with up to 36 LED at 265 nm.

OSA recently introduced a new IR wavelength above 1000nm for sensing applications in medical, automotive and industrial solutions.

Available as LED-Chip and in our broad-based SMD-LED packages.

We continue our development to expand the wavelength range of our products with the introduction of the Power-LED  emitting 980nm, 1020nm and 1050nm Peak-Wavelength. These high reliable, 1mm thin devices are the most powerful LED source for this wavelength in the market. Our test board services and secondary optics are available.