Infra-red 940nm - 1060nm
LED Chips



  • IR Chip
  • chip sizes: 365µm / 960µm
  • technology: MQW-GaAs
  • up to 350mA
  • Full-fill the requirements of RoHS, WEE and REACH

Part No.





Radiant power
* intensity

Forward voltage



131254-940 365 x 365µm λp 940nm MQW-GaAs p-up 2.0mW 1.20V 20mA pdf button
131254-960 365 x 365µm λp 960nm MQW-GaAs p-up 2.0mW 1.25V 20mA pdf button
131254-970 365 x 365µm λp 970nm MQW-GaAs p-up 2.0mW 1.25V 20mA pdf button
131254-980 365 x 365µm λp 980nm MQW-GaAs p-up 2.0mW 1.25V 20mA pdf button
150234-1020 365 x 365µm λp 1020nm MQW-GaAs p-up 5.0mW @50mA 1.30V 100mA  
15022XL-1020 960 x 960µm λp 1020nm MQW-GaAs p-up 8.5mW/sr * 1.20V 350mA pdf button
150234-1050 365 x 365µm λp 1050nm MQW-GaAs p-up 4.5mW @50mA 1.25V 100mA pdf button
15022XL-1050 960 x 960µm λp 1050nm MQW-GaAs p-up 6.5mW/sr * 1.20V 350mA pdf button
150234-1060 365 x 365µm λp 1060nm MQW-GaAs p-up 4.0mW @50mA 1.25V 100mA pdf button
15022XL-1060 960 x 960µm λp 1060nm MQW-GaAs p-up 4.5mW/sr * 1.20V 350mA pdf button



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