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We develop and manufacture special, custom designed and standard High Brightness & High Power LED-Chips , SMD-LEDs and LED-Lamps in the colors white, uv 265-420nm ,vis 420-660nm and ir 660-1650nm. Our custom designed LED-Modules for OEMs are an efficient way for luminaries and other lighting applications.

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Made in Berlin, Germany


High performance 4W UVC LED module for water disinfection

As part of the activities in the field of water disinfection, OSA Opto Light GmbH had developed in close collaboration with CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH, Fraunhofer Institut Optronik Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung, and Xylem Services GmH, a high performance UVC- LED radiation source, emitting 4 W optical power at an emission wavelength between 275 and 280 nm.
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New ultra violet light emitting system provides 300 mW UV-C (265nm) radiation

The LED-system OLM-034C expands the OSA Opto Light product portfolio in the UV-C and UV-B region. Up to 30 LED at 265 or 280 nm, up to 36 LED at 300 nm are arranged in an high reliable, air cooled, turnkey ready LED system. The included power supply can be operated independent or PC- switched. The irradiance is about 50 mW/cm² @ 265 nm and the unit is e.g. a powerful laboratory tool for biological, medical and chemical experiments. Due to the still very high costs for UVB and UVC- LED the number of LED on one radiation source and be varied between 9 and 30 pcs, in case of 300 nm between 9 and 36 pcs to match the costs.

new "black" blue LED

New dark blue LED with a dominant Wavelength of 460nm is now available for our Series 156. This LED has intensity of 1.1mcd @1.2mA.
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Updated IR Series 440

We continue our development to expand the wavelength range of our products with the introduction of the Power-LED  emitting 970nm, 1020nm and 1050nm Peak-Wavelength. These high reliable, 0.8mm thin devices are the most powerful LED source for this wavelength in the market. Our test board services and secondary optics are available.
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