OSA Opto Light GmbH,

your Partner for custom designed and standard

  • visible, infrared and ultraviolet LED-Chips, SMD-LEDs & LED-Lamps
  • High Power LED-Chips & SMD-LEDs
  • LED Modules

Made in Berlin, Germany.

OSA Opto Light GmbH was newly formed in July 2002. The Company includes the former OSA-Elektronik GmbH and SLI Miniature Lighting GmbH in Berlin-Germany and has more than 30 years experience in research, development and manufacturing of LED-Chips and SMD-LEDs (Surface Mounted Devices).The future focus of OSA Opto Light is to develop, manufacture and distribute standard and custom designed High Brightness & High Power LED-Chips & SMD-LEDs in order to meet best the requirements of our customers.


  • 1991: OSA-Elektronik GmbH has been established as a spin off from the leading East-European optoelectronic company in East-Berlin (Werk für Fernsehelektronik). The employees of the company had at this time already more than 15 years experience in research, development and manufacturing of optoelectronic devices.
  • 1993: Besides the production of LED-Dice the production line of the SMD-LEDs was introduced for both standard types and custom designed products.
  • 1996: Partly the manufactured SMD-LEDs are used inhouse to manufacture lighting and optical guide systems, based on Surface Mount Technology.
  • 1998: The production line of SMD-LEDs contains the emitted colors blue to infra-red. Both standard designs in sizes 1206 and 0805 including low current versions, and combinations of LED-Dices (bipolar, one or two colored, duplex and tree color LEDs) are being offered. The development of high efficient AlInGaP dices achieves new SMD-LEDs with high luminous intensity.
  • 1999: OSA-Elektronik GmbH was sold to the international company SLI/Chicago Miniature  Lighting and renamed in SLI Miniature Lighting GmbH as a part of the european division of SLI/CML.
  • 2000: The Company indroduced the Series OLS-210 (Side View Type).
  • 2002: In July 2002 OSA Opto Light GmbH, a newly formed company aquired the operation of SLI Miniature Lighting GmbH in Berlin, Germany. OSA Opto Light is certificate according to ISO 9001.
  • 2003: OSA Opto Light developed a P.C.B.-Version of PLCC2-Leadframe LEDs (Series OLS-600).
  • 2004: The Company started series production of the High Power SMD-LED line (OHL) and Squint LED (Series OLS-345).
  • 2005: Development of a warmwhite module for street light fixtures and of RGB-LED module.
  • 2006: Development of ceramic based High Power and High Temperature SMD-LEDs. Development of High Power LED-Chips up to 1965µm chip size. Development of warm-white LED modules.
  • 2007: A Mid-power (Series 400) and high power (Series 440) Ceramic LED where released.
  • 2008: High efficient SMD-LED with doubled light intensity using high efficient thin film dices are developed.
  • 2008: UV LED where added to the OSA product spectrum.
  • 2009: Release of an 545nm green LED. Available as mid and high power LED.
  • 2009: Development of a high power UV module for 365nm and 400nm.
  • 2010: Infrared LED-Chip above 1000nm are added to the OSA product spectrum.